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Hispanic boy thinking at school desk
What are the best sources of information for my topic?
Am I using different kinds of resources?
How can I keep track of my resources?
How do I give cr1edit to those who have helped with my learning?

Start Here:
Secondary Sources
1. Print Resources
Library Catalogue
  • Login and create a resource list for your topic
2. Encyclopedias
  • Login and create a resource list for your topic

3. Informational Databases
User Name: icsbrain
Password:  icsbrain
4. Websites
  • Start with WebPath Express before using other Search Engines
  • Other Student Search Engines

Primary Sources 
  1. Experts
  •  Can you find an expert on your topic that you can interview for information?
Charity Vault/Charities and Non Profit Organizations in Zurich
  • Surveys
How to do a survey
  • News Sources
Username - icszurich
Password - theday
BBC Newsround
  • Media Presentations
 Also remember that though Wikipedia is good for getting background knowledge on a topic, it CANNOT be cited.
Are you going to Google?

If you have tried all the 
recommended databases and search engines and still cannot find information, then let your teachers, coaches or Ms. Judith know before heading off to



Other Helpful Links

Copyright Free Images
and Music



Copyright Free Music /Videos

 And speaking of citations...
Citation Maker

Examples of Action