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World Cup Library Summer Reading Challenge!



Welcome to the World Cup Library Summer Reading Challenge!  


Are you ready to play?!

This summer, ICSZ Primary students will have the opportunity to celebrate the World Cup by participating in a special “World Cup Reading Challenge” Library summer reading program!

The program is set up in  such a way to allow every primary student (including those 5th graders going into Secondary next year) at all reading levels to participate and become a World Cup reading champion!

Here’s how it works: Students choose books to read in a variety of genres, keeping track of their favourites- which then “compete” with other titles read. By the end of the summer each student will then have chosen their final “winner”- their favourite book of the summer!

Participating students fill out the World Cup Reading Log, keeping track of their reading throughout the summer. All World Cup Reading Logs must be signed by parents before being turned in to the Library.

Reading “athletes” return their competed and parent signed World Cup Reading Logs to the Primary Library when they return to school in August. Participating students will receive some special “goodies” for their participation!

You don’t have to be a fluent ready to take up the challenge! Students can read independently, read with a friend or family member, or have books read to them in order to compete. You can also read in any language.  What is important- is to keep reading throughout the summer!

World Cup Reading Logs are available in the Primary Library and online through the ICSZ Library Website.

Read this summer, choose your favourites, and return to school: A World Cup Reading Champion!

-Judith Bows

Primary Librarian

Images from Microsoft Office Clip Art and Britannica Image Quest

Open the link below to the World Cup Reading Log to begin the Reading Challenge!

5 Jun 2014, 06:32