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Book Swap Information


Is your book shelf in need of a “Spring Clean?!”

Are you looking for new titles to read?!

Let’s have a…




Monday 29th  April- and Tuesday 30th April, students are invited to bring in books to the library which they wish to swap. For each book brought, students will receive one Swap Ticket (up to 5)


For students in Primary….


  On Thursday May 2 for Lower Primary (Grades EY2-2) and Friday May 3 for Upper Primary (Grades 3-5) students can then come to the library during recess times with their tickets to redeem for “new” books.


For students in Secondary….


  On Thursday for (Grades 6-9) students can come to the library during recess times with their tickets to redeem for new books. 



Here are some requirements about books you might want to swap from home:

  • All books must be in excellent condition :no torn pages or writing inside (writing can be covered with a label or sticker)
  • All books must be of interest at your grade level (you can’t bring in your baby brother’s board books!)
  • Though we read in a variety of languages, for the purpose of the Book Swap, all books must be in English.
  • You may bring in as many books as you’d like, but can only swap for 5 (This will allow for plenty of choice!)
  • Any books left over from the Swap will be donated to a worthy cause.


So how does it work?

  • Monday-Wednesday students bring books into the library.
  • For every book brought (up to 5) students will receive a Book Swap ticket.
  • On Thursday and Friday students come to the library with their tickets to choose “new” books.
  • They can take one book per ticket.
  • Everyone who participates will be entered into a prize “draw” for new books and other prizes!

Spring is here!